Germanic Genealogy Society


Members of GGS are able to send requests for "look-ups" in the books and periodical collection that is housed at Concordia University Library Technology Center, St. Paul. This makes our collection information available to all even if you do not live in the area.

  • Send a brief, specific research request to the Research Committee.
  • The normal fee is $5.00 per book or periodical searched.
  • Requests sent by US mail must also include a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope.

Please note - GGS does not collect or maintain any birth, marriage, or death records. For that data, you would have to consult other repositories.

Send your request to: 

GGS Research Committee 
P.O. Box 16312 
St. Paul, MN 55116-0312

If you require help, see the Contact Us page and use the Form at the bottom.



For Genealogy Forms in PDF format see our Free Documents

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See our list of Translators should you have a need for one.