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The persons below offer translation services from German to English and the reverse in some cases. Additional languages are offered as marked. Contact the translators directly to discuss your documents, their availability, and for an estimate of the cost of your request. You can also go to our partner, the International German Genealogy Partnership for lists of Translators and Researchers.
Before Contacting a Translator
  • In addition to the text to be translated, be prepared to send further samples of the handwriting to be translated. This may include the entire page where the text to be translated appears, or multiple pages. These can assist translators become familiar with the specific author's penmanship. Do not send the original document, copies only.
  • The English word script, or handwriting, is Schrift in German. The deutsche Schrift is found in several variations. Most common at the time of our German ancestors were Kurrent and Sütterlin. Fraktur is not a script, but rather a print or typeface. 
Alphabetical Listing  |  Last Updated December 2021
Esther Bauer, Ph.D
German Translations
Phoenix, AZ
Native German speaker, bilingual, German genealogy records both Gothic script and typed. Will also do LDS microfilm searches. 
Associated with a research team in Germany with expertise in Thuringia, Bavaria, Hesse, Saxony, Oldenburg and Hanover. (Most of these areas have not been filmed by LDS.) 
Theresa Berns
Theresa Berns Translations, Germany

Professionally trained translator specializing in genealogy translation. A native German speaker with years of experience working with the English language, she transcribes documents written in the old German script and translates them into English for genealogy enthusiasts who have trouble reading the old script themselves.
Brian Buuck
12818 Van Buren St. NE
Blaine, MN 55434
612-232-0617  |  763-754-1640
Has done extensive translation work, speaks German and is married to a native German wife who ably can assist him. He can translate anything from German to English: including old German documents both printed and handwritten, old German script and modern Germans texts.
Angela Dunskus-Gulick
ATA Certified Translator with 25 years of experience translating German to English and English to German. Grew up bilingual in Germany, attended university and worked in both Germany and the US. Deeply familiar with German culture, and has solid linguistic skills. Can translate Sütterlin, Kurrentschrift, and Fraktur.
Richard Embs
70 E. Pacemont Road
Columbus, OH 43202-1223
614-267-3716  |
Translator of German; old Gothic script written and typed.
Kermit Frye
Bloomington, MN
952-881-4448  |
German translation from records on a form; church records.
Dr. Elke Hedstrom
Native German speaker from East Prussia and Lower Saxony, residing in Texas. Extensive knowledge of transcription and translation of documents, letters and texts in the old German Script (Kurrent, Suetterlin) and Fraktur. See website.
Wilma Hofmann 
Native German speaker born and raised in the German state of Thuringia (Thüringen), bilingual, residing in the USA for 15+ years.
Can translate 15th to 21st century German handwritten documents and prints German-English and English-German, also offers Latin translations. Extensive knowledge regarding German history, culture, and conventions and can help you understand the meanings of your texts.
Ivan Klima
2816 – 35th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55406-1710
Native Czech willing to translate Czech to English and English to Czech.
Ginny Lewis, Ph.D.
Professor of German
Northern State University
Aberdeen SD 57401
Ph.D. in German with many years successful experience translating printed and handwritten documents and letters from German into English.
  • Can translate Fraktur type and the scripts: Kurrentschrift, and Sütterlinschrift.
  • Teaches translation skills at a regional university and can also translate from French and Hungarian into English, and from English into German.
  • Modest rates and fast turn-around on genealogical projects important to you.
Maggie Mau
1514 – 210th Street
Truman, MN 56088
German translation
Zella Mirick
3784 South Hills Court
St. Paul, MN 55123-1212
651-452-2574 |
Will translate German civil and church records on a standard printed format.
Erika Neidert
German Language Service
German Specialty Imports
19580 Bernard Avenue
Prior Lake, MN 55372
952-226-2563 - Business
952-270-8095 - Cell
Native German speaker, bilingual. Will translate into German from English and English to German. Translates German script and Fraktur (old print), Will also do LDS microfilm searches.
Bryna O'Sullivan
Charter Oak Genealogy
French to English genealogical translation, with an emphasis on handwritten documents. Strong background in regions that use both French and German, including Luxembourg.
Katherine Schober
A German-English genealogy translator and author specializing in the old German handwriting.
Author of “The Magic of German Church Records” and “Tips and Tricks of Deciphering German Handwriting”, as well as the creator of the online course “Reading the Old German Handwriting.”
M. Charlotte Wolf, Ph.D.
8198 Dry Creek Circle
Niwot, CO 80503
German English translator. Familiar with Suetterlin and Fraktur (old German). Will help decipher records or letters typecast or written in these styles.