Germanic Genealogy Society

Herrboldt Collection

The Gordon Herrboldt Family Geneaolgy Collection

These indexes are for a collection of German records of a family genealogy compiled by Gordon Herrboldt that covers a range of surnames and places. These records are at Concordia University Library as part of the GGS collection. They are in a file cabinet next to our Newsletters. There are three sets of folders each with two indexes.  The two indexes are used to locate the folder in the file cabinet and a SURNAME index which tells which folder(s) to search.

How To Use The Collection

Look at the SURNAME index first to see if any of the names match your ancestors’ names. Remember to check each of the indexes for each set of folders. If there is a match, note the folder number. Then go to the folder index for that set (sets are indicated by color) and find the folder. Each folder contains genealogical copies of Germanā€language church records written in the Gothic script.
The folder system is color coded:
Surnames - Blue folder Index - Blue folder
Surnames - Pink folder Index - Pink folder
Surnames - Yellow folder Index - Yellow folder