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Guide to Worldwide Sources and Migration Patterns, 3rd Edition
By Edward R, Brandt, Ph.D., Mary Sutter Bellingham, Kent Cutkomp, Kermit Frye, Patricia Adams Lowe, and Paul Sternberg.
A comprehensive 660-page handbook for Germanic family history researchers written and published by GGS.  The book is  highly recommended by librarians and researchers.
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GGS offers information, educational opportunities, publications, and association with others researching German roots.  This includes areas that are outside of the current borders of Germany.
However, GGS does not have records for your specific German ancestors. Our extensive library does include various indexes with individual's names, as well as how-to books and background information on places where your German ancestors may have lived.
Our goal is to help you learn how to find and use records of your German-speaking ancestors.

FamilySearch Creates Community Groups

FamilySearch has created a new tool for researchers to get help with their family history research from their own homes.  This new site, called Community Groups, is a site where people can
  • ask questions
  • upload documents and get help with translation
  • participate in discussions
  • learn about upcoming webinars
  • discover new resources
Of course, it is free and there is no obligation. 
Also, if people have special knowledge and skills, they can
  • answer questions
  • translate documents for others
  • share new resources
Of particular interest would be the ‘Germany’ group, but we have groups for other countries as well.
We hope that this tool will be a valuable resource for those interested in their family history. 
For more information about how to sign up, use the site, and see a list of some of the groups.

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March 11
Gail Blankenau - “Beyond the Bauer (Farmer): Your Farm Ancestor’s Place in the Social Structure”
Gail Blankenau is a nationally known German genealogy speaker. She has spoken at 2 International German Genealogy Conferences.   It has been estimated that in 1800, about 62% of German workers were engaged in agriculture. But in the Germanic states, there were different social scales and terms for farmers ...
March 20
German Language Study Group
At this open group meeting, we try to help each other read the old German Script, while sharpening our own skills. Please bring any images you'd like help with on a flash drive so we can project it on a TV or screen. All meetings are at MGC, but the room ...
March 25
Kim Ashford - “ – A Place of Learning”
Kim Ashford is a past president of Germanic Genealogy Society (MN) and is one of the founders and a past board member of the International German Genealogy Partnership (IGGP). Kim Ashford is a professional genealogist who recently moved to Texas, though she was born and raised in Minnesota. She ...
April 8
Gail Blankenau - “What’s in a Name? Deciphering German Given Names and Nicknames”
Gail Blankenau is a nationally known German genealogy speaker. She has spoken at 2 International German Genealogy Conferences.   As genealogists, we often focus first on surnames in our research. Yet, it does not take long to encounter same-name candidates for our family trees. Furthermore, many Germans had multiple ...