Germanic Genealogy Society

The Beginning of a Partnership

On 28 May 2015, 11 representatives and interested parties participated in an online first meeting regarding a new German-American Genealogical Partnership.  Participants were from 8 different U.S. States, Germany and Poland.
The current name of German-American Genealogical Partnership was agreed upon.  
All societies that are interested in Germanic Genealogy are encouraged to join us in establishing a closer network of societies that share the common goal of researching our Germanic heritage wherever they are found.
There are already 11 organizations that have agreed to become partners.
The second partnership planning meeting was held Thursday July 9, 2015.
Society representatives, who wish to participate in the web conference call or in the partnership itself, please notify us (see below) so we know who is attending. Meeting agenda and log on instructions will be sent in a follow up email.
On 29 May 2015, at a conference held by the Germanic Genealogy Society - 2 important documents were signed.
  • The Declaration of St. Paul between the 3 founding societies: Signers included Kim Ashford of the Germanic Genealogy Society, Jim Neuenfeldt of The Pommern Regional Group of MN, and Dirk Weissleder of the Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft genealogischer Verbände.
  • The Partnership Agreement with society representatives present at the GGS Bonus Conference.  To the above listed, Ingeborg Carpenter of the Sacramento German Genealogy Society also joined us.  Partners unable to be present were Gordon Seyffert of the Immigrant Genealogy Society, Ruth Emmel of the Southwest Florida Germanic Genealogy Society and Nancy Myers of the Ahnenforscher Stammitisch Unna und Umgebung.

Dirk Weissleder of the DAGV:

"I am overwhelmed by the enthusiastic responses that came in at the conference and already since then. On the personal level many Americans came up and told me how important it is what we are doing as partners."

Kim Ashford from GGS:

"I am so excited to feel the enthusiasm from so many Germanic Societies.  This is only the beginning, I hope we have many more societies participating in future partnership meetings.  It is wonderful to all come together with a common goal of helping each other and our members in our Germanic genealogy pursuits."

Five years ago the Germanic Genealogy Journal (Fall 2010) published an article about the history of GGS written by Deb Rodi to celebrate the 30th anniversary of GGS. 

In the article she closed with a paragraph titled: "The Sky's the Limit". The final sentence read: 

"Because of the contributions of GGS members, past and present, near and far, GGS looks forward to a wonderful future."

The future indeed looks wonderful for Germanic Genealogy.

This partnership is open to organizations that are interested in Germanic genealogy research.
If your society is interested in being involved or in learning more about the German-American Genealogical Partnership, please send an email to