Germanic Genealogy Society

German Genealogy Partnership

Interested in Joining the Partnership?

This partnership is open to organizations that are interested in Germanic genealogy research.  We welcome individual volunteers from our partners.

The International German Genealogy Partnership includes genealogical organizations and societies interested in German genealogical research worldwide.  Already there are over 100 organizations that have agreed to become partners and several others that will soon be joining us.
Committees have been formed to work on several of the agreed goals of the Partnership.  Information about these committees will be released soon and additional members will be welcome.

If your society is interested in being involved or in learning more about the German-American Genealogical Partnership, please send an email to

If your organization wishes to join, please have a board member sign and send in a scanned copy of the Genealogical Society Partnership agreement document.


Current partners include:
Founding Partners:
Germanic Genealogy Society (GGS) Minnesota
Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft genealogischer Verbände (including 65+ member societies) Germany
All Things German (ATG) interest group of Greater Omaha Genealogical Society (GOGS) Nebraska
German Interest Group of the Hamilton County Genealogical Society Ohio
German Interest Group of the San Diego Genealogical Society California
German Interest Group of the Rogue Valley Genealogical Society, Oregon
German Interest Group for Temecula Valley Genealogical Society California
Immigrant Genealogical Society of Burbank, California
Jefferson Genealogical Society of Metairie, Louisiana
Palatines to America (Palam) (including 7 state chapters)
Pommern Special Interest Group of Immigrant Genealogical Society
Pommerscher Verein Freistadt Germantown, Wisconsin
Genealogisch-heraldische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Roland zu Dortmund e. V. Germany